Fotolia 46667869 XSGreenDart improves program performance by providing verification and validation services across customer domains. GreenDart brings a range of proven Verification & Validation skills from requirements tracking and test support through detailed system performance assessment, based on your program criticality and desired risk mitigation level. Contact Us.

Technical Discriminators

GreenDart's core offering is software risk reduction through Independent Verification and Validation (IV&V).

We apply a 2-step approach to mitigating risks

Focus efforts on critical challenges

Apply the right amount of risk mitigation assessments

GreenDart's approach optimizes successful results against available budgets.

Cost Discriminators

Federal spending requires 3% of all funds to go to HUBZone small businesses

This is both a prime and subcontracting goal

To achieve these goals, customers prioritize selections based on HUBZone certified companies

As a HUBZone prime GreenDart offers additional significant competitive cost benefits

Additionally, as a small business, we offer very competitive labor rates