Fotolia 71974435 XSGreenDart provides a proven legacy as a V&V and T&E thought leader. GreenDart improves program performance by providing proven engineering services across our Markets. GreenDart staff successfully develop and implement V&V and T&E programs. We have performed these efforts for embedded and non-embedded complex software systems.

Verification and Validation

GreenDart's Key Benefits To Your Program

Improves Schedule/Reduce Cost

Identifies and corrects software errors early, reducing development costs

Controls Risks

Delivers accurate performance assessments earlier in the development process, improving priority decisions

Our Capabilities

Requirements Tracking and Verification
Predictive Computations
CPU Simulations
Architecture Modeling
Advanced Tool Application

Test and Evaluation

GreenDart's Key Benefits To Your Program

Complete Coverage of Requirements

Advanced requirements tracing ensures all programs needs are correctly tested

Quality Products

Enterprise and System Test and Evaluation Master Plans (TEMPs)
Requirements Verification Plans (RVPs)
Requirements Verification Reports (RVRs)

Our Capabilities

Critical System Latency Assessments
Architecture Modeling
Development Test and Evaluation
Operational Test Support